Elevenmile Canyon

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This case history is based upon the paper: “Three-Dimensional Inversion of ZTEM Data at the Elevenmile Canyon Geothermal System, Nevada” [DOS12]. The research was presented at the Geothermal Resources Council conference in Reno, Nevada in 2012.

Compared to other case histories (i.e., Aspen), which use controlled-source airborne EM methods, this case history uses a natural source airborne EM method called ZTEM. The goal of the research is to characterize a geothermal system.

The following papers and reading material provide good background information on the ZTEM method and geothermal systems in Nevada.

  • “Numerical modeling of Z-TEM (airborne AFMAG) responses to guide exploration strategies” [LZ08]

  • “Three-dimensional inversion of ZTEM data” [HO10a]

  • “Structure of the Dixie Valley Geothermal System, a “typical” Basin and Range geothermal system, from thermal and gravity data” [BWBG99]

  • “Structure of the Inter-Basin Transition Zone between Dixie Valley and Fairview Valley, Nevada, USA” [Man08]