To augment the content in EM GeoSci, a number of Jupyter Notebook apps have been developed. There are two categories of notebooks

  • EM Apps
    • Purpose: To provide an interactive way to explore fundamentals of EM geophysics
  • Simulation Notebooks
    • Purpose: To be a starting point for getting up and running with the EM Module of SimPEG for performing numerical simulations and inversions

If you run into any issues, please let us know at:

EM Apps

There are a few ways you can run the notebooks. We recommend:


Within the Jupyter Notebook environment, you can use shift + enter to run each cell of code, or from the menu, select cell, run all


Notebooks include


Simulation Notebooks

These notebooks walk through forward simulations of both frequency domain electromagnetics and time domain electromagnetics using SimPEG.

These notebooks are available at

Further examples and documentation are available at